Saturday, March 29, 2008

Serendipity - the value of your network

Do you ever wonder what the value of your social network? Probably not. When you ask a friend for help, good chance they will. But what about your on line or technology network, you know Facebook, LinkedIn, Bloggers, etc. What happens when you reach out to your on line network? You never know what will happen - sometimes nothing or it is beyond what you'd expect.

I asked a question to my social network and I was stunned with the response. I asked Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz who run the For Immediate Release podcast about the value of Social Media in the PR industry. They took my question and ran with it.

My question came from a PR person who attended a presentation at Babson College CIMS on Web 2.0. She said small and mid-size businesses didn't see the value of social media. These two world renowned PR experts when on for 8 minutes in FIR show #331. Listen to their response.

They brought up some great points and some examples that anyone interest in Social Media would find interesting. My take away was that you have to see the value and commit to it if you want it to have value.

Shel and Neville said they wished they could talk with this PR practitioner. These two experts wanted to expand their network and talk with this person. Unfortunately there isn't a way to share these finding with the person who asked the question or the audience from the conference. I've asked the CIMS group to set up some social media site but the answer is "they aren't interested." Sad a group that has such great content and an already established community isn't interested in moving it to the virtual space. Maybe if they listen to the podcast they'll see the value of Social Media.

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